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Mostly clear with little temperature change. F
Temperature Outside
Temperature Inside
--- at --- mph
30.039 in & Rising Slowly
Today's Rain
0.00 in
Rain Rate
-0.01 in/hr
Storm Total
0.00 in
Monthly Rain
0.00 in
Yearly Rain
30.30 in
Wind Chill
THW Index
Heat Index
Solar Radiation
--- W/m
Phase of the Moon
Waxing Gibbous
Highs/Lows on 07/21/18

High Temp Outside

Low Temp Outside

---F   at   ----

---F  at   ----

High Temp Inside

Low Temp Inside

67.9F   at   12:00a

66.7F  at   12:56a

High Humidity

Low Humidity

---%    at  ----

---%   at   ----

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

---F   at  ----

---F  at   ----

High Wind Speed

0.0 mph   at  ----

High Barometer

Low Barometer

30.039 in   at  12:29a

30.033 in  at   12:00a

High Rain Rate

0.00 in/hr   at  ----

Low Wind Chill

---F   at  ----

High Heat Index

---F   at  ----

High Solar Radiation

0 W/m  at   ----